Dealz is a is a tech startup based in Europe. Job creators submit a wide range of tasks they want completed, from computer repairs to house painting, and assigning the amount of money they are willing to pay. Dealz users can then accept, and complete the tasks.


Entering a competitive market, the client knew they needed a creative approach to their branding in order to stand out and secure their important early adopters. They required a creative agency that could convey what Dealz was all about in a simplistic, yet effective and creative manner.


Dealz is fast paced, collaborative with high workloads. By working with key stakeholders, we created a brand identity that represented these three things in a unique and creative way. The Dealz branding was developed around the idea of a bee colony, with the Dealz platform represented as a beehive, and the sites’ users represented as worker bees.

Creative and memorable
brand identity
Suite of versatile
brand assets