The best of SmashingConf Oxford 2016, with links directly to the presentations.

We picked our 7 best takeaways from this years #SmashingConf Oxford 2016, stay tuned for our 7 best from #SmashingConf San Fransisco 2016 next month!


1. Smashing Magazine’s “Dirty Tricks From The Dark 
Corners Of Front-End”

Smashing Magazine released a presentation at SmashingConf Oxford 2016 on dirty but practical front-end tricks to solve a bunch of common problems. Editor-in-chief of Smashing Magazine Vitaly Friedman presented a deck with detailed examples to explain and illustrate how to approach problems in more efficient ways. See the presentation here

Dirty Tricks From The Dark 
Corners Of Front-End smashingconf oxford

2. “Everyone wants to be creative. It’s a human thing”

One of the standout themes from the conference was on internal communication, and that everyone can be creative and contribute to a process, bringin diversity and new ideas. This was in fact the main theme of the first presenter at #SmashingConf Oxford 2016, Aarron Walter. Aarroon talked about how strong communication is important inside design teams and companies, encouraging teams to come together as one collaborative force. He talked about the importance of getting out of your comfort zone, getting up and being active and taking a break from work, and how this can make a massive difference in your day and how you work.

See Aarron Walter’s #SmashingConf page here

3. Overthinking Design & Embracing Minutia by Jon Setzen

Jon Setzen talked at #SmashingConf Oxford 2016 about the importance of actually sweating the small stuff, and how taking the time to address the minute details of a design of a product or service can have a huge impact on the overall user experience.

“In today’s competitive marketplace, service and experience can generate the loyalty and the relevance that make or break brands like never before. In this talk, Jon Setzen will explain how embracing a “design for service” thinking can help digital design teams shift from transaction-driven thinking to a relationship-centric approach.”

See the entire presentation deck here

Overthinking Design and Embracing Minutia smashingconf oxford

4. Wes Bos’ Modern Workflow + Tooling for Front End Developers Presentation

Wes Bos talked about how to create a more efficient workflow to assist in building better websites and faster web apps. What tools should be utilised and how they all work together.

As front end dev continues to evolve at a rapid pace, more and more suggested workflows, tools and more are constantly being suggested, sometimes we find ourselves lost at where to begin. Wes’ presentation explores and streamlines the workflow process of a front end dev, covering tools such as Gulp, Webpack, Sublime Text, PostCSS, NPM and more.

See the entire presentation here

Wes Bos' Modern Workflow + Tooling for Front End Developers Presentation

5. “Look at every detail of a product, make tiny adjustments. Marginal gains add up, so does marginal degradation. – Mark Boulton”

See Mark Boulton’s Twitter profile here

6. Patrick Hamann’s HTTP2 What, where, why, and when?!

With the approach of HTTP/2, more than 60% of your viewers browsers are now capable of interpreting requests sent over the new HTTP/2 protocol. In his talk, Patrick talks about what this means for front-end developers, how they can use HTTP/2’s features to create faster experiences and whether existing tools and systems will need to be changed.

See Patrick’s full presentation here

smashingconf_ofxord_xyloagency_ HTTP2 What, where, why, and when_oxford

7. Alla Kholmatova’s Atoms, Modules and Other Fancy Particles: Building a Pattern Language For The Web

Alla’s talk at #SmashingConf Oxford 2016 explored how we are beginning to move from designing pages and moving towards designing systems, specifically focusing on the concept of ‘modularity’. While modular systems promise to be able to scale and be easy to work with, what if the system we designed doesn’t work or perform as expected? Allah looks at what it means to create a resistant design system and develop a shared pattern language within your team.

See Allah’s full presentation here


That’s all from us on #SmashingConf Oxford! See you at #Smashingconf San Fransisco on April 5-6 2016!

“The conference will take place in the one-of-a-kind Fort Mason, on April 5–6, 2016, and since it’s a Smashing conference, you should expect a few surprises, but we’re not going to reveal them just yet.” – Smashing Magazine

Head over to here for tickets and more info


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